Affordable Luxury and Elevated Lifestyle in the Lumina Grand EC

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Lumina Grand Executive Condominium EC is a gem of a residence that redefines contemporary life. Lumina Grand EC combines elevated living with affordable prices. The building is a tribute to its innovative design as well as to its prime location and commitment to make a luxury life accessible to a broader group of people.

Strategic Location

The strategic location at Lumina Grand EC makes it a very attractive property. In a desirable location, residents have access to major commercial and transportation centers, as well as reputable schools. This proximity to parks and recreation amenities adds to the living experience and provides a harmony between city convenience and natural tranquility. Lumina Grand EC’s location is not only an address. It represents a lifestyle option that reflects contemporary urban living.

Cheap Luxury:

Lumina Grand EC has a commitment to offer affordable luxury. Lumina Grand EC’s Executive Condominium offers a unique opportunity for Singaporeans to experience upscale living at a fraction of the cost. Prices are carefully selected to give residents the opportunity to experience luxury life without being impacted by their financial situation.

You can choose from many options.

Lumina Grand EC features a large selection of housing options to accommodate the different needs of prospective residents. The project offers many options, ranging from one-bedroom flats that are perfect for couples or singles to family layouts with more space. Each unit is designed to optimize space and ensure comfort. Lumina Grand EC ensures diversity by offering a variety of homes.

World-Class Amenities:

Lumina Grand EC has a variety of top-notch amenities, which make it a desirable property. This development features a fully-equipped health center that encourages residents prioritize their personal well-being. Inviting green areas, recreational zones, and a swimming pool that is surrounded by lush vegetation create an atmosphere of resort, stimulating a sense community. Lumina Grand EC provides amenities for a full-life experience. These include spaces to relax, play, or socialize.

Community Living

Lumina Grand EC focuses on community-based living. The community is also brought together through events and other activities. This allows residents to meet and create lasting connections. The spirit of inclusion and support fosters a community-oriented environment at Lumina Grand EC. It transforms it from a simple residential development into a vibrant neighbourhood.

Flexible Finance Options

Lumina Grand EC is flexible in its financing arrangements, as it understands that the needs and financial circumstances of prospective residents are diverse. The building works in collaboration with financial institutions, offering attractive loan and payment packages. This flexibility means that Lumina Grand EC will not be a residential option for a selected few, but a way for a wider demographic to benefit from upscale living.

Innovation and Sustainability

Lumina Grand EC incorporates innovative and sustainable design into its product. From smart home and energy-efficient features, this development follows global trends toward a greener world. Residents of Lumina Grand EC can enjoy a luxurious and eco-friendly lifestyle while also making a positive contribution to a better future.

Lumina Grand EC is a great example of how Executive Condominiums have evolved in Singapore. It seamlessly combines elevated living with affordable lifestyle, providing a life that is beyond the usual. Lumina Grand EC stands out for its location in the heart of downtown, as well as diverse units options, world class amenities, a community-focused approach, and a commitment to sustainability.

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